Most middle school aged kids are too you to work.  While most of the money received are gifts and/or allowance, good money management is still vital.  These good money habits need to be instilled early.

Here are some ways to save and spend wisely as a middle schooler:

  • Set Some Goals – Decide how much you want to say and for what. There may be something you would like to buy for yourself that you can’t afford now (i.e. a bike, moped, or a basketball hoop).
  • Share Your Goal with Others – Let your parents, uncles, aunts, and even grandparents know you have a goal.  They will often offer advice and help you financially along the way. This will also help you stay disciplined with reaching your goal knowing that someone will be checking on you from time to time.
  • Do Some Extra Chores  – Ask your parents, uncles, aunts, and grandparents if there is anything you can help out with the raise money.  There are several ways to earn some extra cash on a weekly basis:
    • Rake leaves
    • Cut grass
    • Do laundry
    • Shovel snow
    • Wash cars
    • Clean the house
    • Clean out the garage
    • Organize the shed
  • Make a Chart – Staying on track with how much money you currently have versus how much money you need will help you reach your goal. Visualize it!
  • Find a Place to Keep Your Money – Use a jar, envelop, or a shoe box and keep your money in a safe place. Also, putting it somewhere so you don’t see if every day will keep it off your mind (OUT OF SIGHT – OUT OF MIND).  If the money is kept in your wallet – more than likely, it will be spent.  You can even talk to your parents about opening a bank account.
  • Spend Smart – Find fun things to do that are free and don’t get influenced to spend your money just to hang out with friends.   Think before your spending and compare prices before making a purchase – look for ways to spend less. Eating out at fast food restaurants several times a week will cause you to spend more.
  • Start a Business – Selling lemonade, baking cookies, or making jewelry are ways you can make extra money.