In order to be successful at reaching any goal – you must have a plan.  (If you fail to plan – you plan to fail). Whatever your goal may be, know that it can be obtained!  However, you much take bite-size steps in order to achieve your goals.  This will eliminate any stress and prevent you from giving up.  For instance, when I was working on my thesis, I did not look at the entire paper at one time – that was too overwhelming.  I looked at the paper one chapter at a time, one week at a time.  I worked on it piece by piece and before I knew it, I was finished.  I used a calendar to stay on task and was diligent in my work.  Once I set my weekly goals, I did not waver from it.  If your goal is to loose 80 pounds by the end of the year – this task can seem unreachable.  But, if you set small mini goals on a monthly basis – it can be done!

For those looking to save $600 a month and have NEVER been able to save $1 a month – this can be a difficult challenge.  However, if you set your goals small in the beginning, this goal can be achieved sooner than you think.  Start by saving $300 a month. Once that mini goal is achieved –  increase your savings one month at a time.  This goal must start by having a plan, setting some mini goals, and creating a BUDGET.

6 Things to do to Save $300 a Month:

  • Reduce your monthly spending (Instead of spending $100 for a pair of shoes, spend $40).
  • Increase your 401(k) by 3%.
  • Call your cable company and reduce your package (get rid of those channels that you don’t look at anyway).
  • Call your car insurance company and increase your deductible.
  • Pay as many of your bills with your credit cards that offer cashback.
  • Direct Deposit a percentage of your paycheck into your savings.