The sky is the limit when it comes to saving money. Make it fun and addictive – Do not look at it as if you are punishing yourself. Make it a way of life.  Similar to trying to lose weight. Losing weight is not a temporary mindset. It’s not something you do for a short period of time, then go back to eating all the bad stuff you like.  (We know how that story ends). You must change your eating habits and be consistent.

There are hundreds of tips and tricks to save a lot more than what you are currently saving. However,  it will take some discipline, a little work,  and a frugal mindset. Here are 15 ways to immediately start saving some extra money:

  1. Cut your cable bill (Get rid of the movie channels you are not watching and start using network streaming, Netflix, Hulu or YouTube).
  2. Small home repairs (Attempt to fix small home repairs yourself before calling that plumber. Changing the gasket on a sink or the flap in the toilet tank is not as hard as you think).
  3. Unused gym membership (Your cable provider offers plenty of free classes on demand).
  4. Buying lunch (Buying lunch can cost over $10 a day. If you MUST buy lunch, try spending less,  such as $2 a day.  It can be done).
  5. Full-Priced Clothing (Try to shop on the clearance rack or buy clothes/shoes at the end of the season).
  6. Valentine’s Day flowers (Flowers are most expensive during this season.  If you want to give your mate flowers, buy them any other time than Feb. 14th).
  7. Dry cleaning (Start buying clothes that do not have to be dry cleaned. You will find yourself spending more money cleaning those clothes than it costs to buy them).
  8. Rental car insurance (If you have more than one vehicle, you do NOT need this insurance. Just use one of your other vehicles when one is in the shop).
  9. Holiday gifts (It is very important to stick to a budget when you are shopping during the holidays. We can often let the spirit of the season get the best of us.  If you fall too deep,  you will find yourself paying for this gifts for the rest of the year).
  10. Payday loans (Don’t fall prey to payday loans.  Start saving to build an emergency fund and borrow from yourself during your time of need.  The interest on these loans can be as such as 40%).
  11. Credit card interest (Paying off your credit card balance every month will eliminate credit card finance charges. HINT: Only charge what you are able to pay off monthly).
  12. Coffee/Smoothies (The average cost of these beverages can run up to $7. If you have a habit of purchasing these daily during the week,  this can cost you approximately $140/month).
  13. Late fees (Pay your bills “on time –  before time.” Paying bills early with eliminate late fees).
  14. Pedicures (We can easily get accustomed to being pampered. But why pay for something that you can do yourself.  It’s okay to treat yourself every now and again, but a monthly occurrence can be costly).
  15. Electricity (Be mindeful of the unnecessary electricity that we waste. Leaving lights on in rooms that are not being used is a waste. Installing dimmers, purchasing lower wattage bulbs, and adjusting your HVAC temperature will reduce costs).